Hey, my name is Andrew. I’m a Creative Entrepreneur and you can become one as well.

So, What’s a Creative Entrepreneur?


Creative Entrepreneur

A person that lives with a bias towards action, learning and creating value with their creative intellectual knowledge.

Your projects are greater than your carrier.

We are all creatives by nature. When you accept your life as a creator, you can better tune into your creative instincts.

The projects and ideas that your instincts are telling you to pursue.

And when you think in terms of projects rather than a career, you can act on your instincts without worrying about where it might lead.

So how can you get started?

#1. Look inward for your truth

#2. Create a bias toward learning and action

#3. Start projects > Reflect > Repeat


“Creativity” is not the miraculous road to business growth and affluence that is so abundantly claimed these days. This is because they tend to confuse the getting of ideas with their implementation—that is, confuse creativity in the abstract with practical innovation; not understand the operating executive’s day-to-day problems; and underestimate the intricate complexity of business organizations…”

– Theodore Levitt, What Business Are You In? 1963