I ♥ Boulder

I really do.  This place is awesome.  The city of Boulder, along with several community partners, is launching a viral marketing campaign with the theme: “I Love Boulder.”

“We want to celebrate what everyone loves about Boulder, whether it’s the restaurant chef who opened here instead of Paris or New York or the entrepreneur who was inspired by the scenery,” city spokesman Patrick von Keyserling said. “Let’s talk about the positive things that we love about our community.”

There’s definitely a large entrepreneurial community which has been a vital piece of helping Rage Digital make it through the start up speed bumps.  When we saw this campaign we knew we wanted to be involved!  Rage is currently developing an app to tag photos with an I Love Boulder virtual sticker.  Once you tag your Boulder moment upload and it via Twitter, Facebook and Flickr to share and spread the Boulder love.

We’ll post and update when the app goes live!

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– DailyCamera.com