3OH!3 Holiday Line Preview

3oh!3 Holiday Merch is currently hitting stores!  The full line has grown a ton to include a wide variety of hoodies, tshirts, headwear and accessories.

3OH!3 @ Hot Topic

3OH!3 @ Merch Now

It’s been amazing to have seen all this grow from back in the day.  Below is the picture the original hands icon came from.

Nat emailed me this one day a couple years ago asking me to clean it up a bit and make it useable for a logo.  I asked, logo for what? He said this band we’re doing called 3OH!3.  Knowing the style of music he made and what Sean brought to the table I immediately knew this would be perfect.  The 3OH!3 gang sign was born. (I take no credit, it was all Nat and Sean, ha)

3OH!3 Website