S T A R T U P : Introducing Two-Way Text Message Sales Acceleration

I’m excited to announce a new power tool chrome extension we’re building over at TextUs.Biz that will be a game changer for sales acceleration.  I’ll be sharing more some updates and news on this as we release our Beta version!  For those not familiar with sales acceleration, below is a brief background and an intro to TEXTCELLERATE™!

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Simply put, sales acceleration is the process of increasing the velocity of the sales process.  Ken Krogue, InsideSales.com Co-Founder and Forbes contributor has a great article that gives a full background on the space you can read here. Here a few relevant excerpts…

Sales acceleration is also about working smarter.

It’s gathering real-time sales intelligence from LinkedIn, InsideView and ZoomInfo. It’s having something relevant to talk about when you call a new prospect besides just the weather. It’s connecting with social media, lowering costs, raising visibility, and generating leverage.

It’s about speed.

It’s about execution.

Instead of guessing.

It’s about nurturing prospects and customers, not just the marketing automation practice of nurturing leads.

It’s about tracking velocity metrics. How fast you respond. How persistent you are. What percentage of leads get contacted. The length of your sales cycle. How engaged your prospects are. How fast an appointment decays if it is set 4 days out instead of 1 day.

It’s about speed.

It’s about execution.

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So how does text messaging fit into sales acceleration?

Text message sales acceleration is the use of two-way text messaging to engage your prospects and leads to speed up your sales cycle.  Many times when you have a new lead you simply need to get a yes, no or maybe from them to move things forward.  Until now email and phone calls may work some of the time but what about a text messaging?


We all love to text our friends and family.  Most of the time, people would rather text than talk!  So why aren’t business and sales professionals using SMS as a communication channel?

Well, some sales people are texting for business.  Accept they’re texting from their personal devices and none of the conversations are being tracked with their company’s respective CRM.

In comes TEXTCELLERATE™ – the two-way text message sales acceleration tool!  Sales organizations can now text enable their existing sales phone number and manage/track conversations with their CRM.  That allows people to call or text the same number which helps to unify communications.

SMS is an entirely new communication channel, never before fully utilized by businesses and sales teams.

TEXTCELLERATE™ gives you the ability to send the right message at the right time in order to engage a sales lead.  While email and cold call open/read rates are getting lower and lower, text messaging boosts a whooping 98% read rate!  Not only will your leads read your important message but they’ll be able to respond and have a two-way conversation with you.

We’re accepting a limited number of seats for sales teams and individuals that would like to get in on this opportunity early.  We’re expecting to fully launch within a few months!

For a sneak peek, Reserve your seat now or request a demo and we can show you first hand the power and efficiency of two-way text message sales acceleration!