Press Release: I Love Boulder community project launches iPhone and Facebook apps


Contact: I Love Boulder Campaign,, @LoveBoulder, 303‐330‐5496

Andrew Kimmell, Rage Digital,, @andrewkimmell, 303‐956‐3340

Sean Allen, Aftermath Interactive,, @aftermath_inc,720‐495‐7046

I Love Boulder community project launches iPhone and Facebook apps

Local creative shops build free, social apps that make sharing the things you love about Boulder even easier

Boulder, Colo – April 6, 2011 – The I Love Boulder community‐powered campaign just got more social with two new digital applications from local shops Rage Digital and Aftermath Interactive. The applications, an iPhone app and Facebook app respectively, are making it even easier to share photos, tweets and other digital content that highlight the things Boulder residents love about their city.

Rage Digital’s I Love Boulder App for iPhone

Rage Digital, Boulder’s nationally acclaimed iOS design and development shop, created the I Love Boulder app for iPhone. The mobile photo sharing application makes it easy to customize and share photos of the things you love about Boulder on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. 

“We love Boulder!” says Andrew Kimmell, Art Director at Rage Digital. “When we came across the campaign, we felt immediately compelled to contribute. The iPhone app we created allows users to place a digital ‘I Love Boulder’ sticker over the photos they take around Boulder, then easily share those photos with their friends. It’s an easy and fun way to capture the crazy things and beautiful surroundings Boulderites see every day, and we’re excited to be helping iPhone users get involved.”

To check out photos the I Love Boulder community is sharing right now, visit‐ FLK.

Aftermath Interactive’s I Love Boulder App for Facebook

Aftermath Interactive, a local creative and web design firm, created the custom I Love Boulder Facebook application. The apps can interface with any Facebook page and shares information about the founding and community partners that made the campaign possible as well as direct interaction with the iPhone app.

“We created these apps to provide a way for I Love Boulder fans to interact with the project, while also giving everybody the ability to add these apps to their own Facebook pages,” said Creative Director at Aftermath Interactive Sean Allen. “Participating in a community project like I Love Boulder is what makes living and working in the Boulder area so rewarding ‐ the ability collaborate with community‐minded people that really do care.”The applications will enhance the communities’ ability to share content seamlessly.

Official campaign hashtag: #iloveboulder

About I Love Boulder

I Love Boulder is a citywide, community project celebrating the cultural, traditional and happily unconventional characteristics of Boulder life, work and play. Designed to promote pride and affinity among Boulder’s residents, local businesses and organizations, I Love Boulder facilitates community unification through grassroots initiatives and events that highlight the diverse lifestyles and characteristics of our very special city.