I grew up in an environment of creativity and entrepreneurship.  Both my parents are freelance creatives, my dad a photographer and my mom a graphic designer.  Their influence led me to my first creative vehicle in high school when I became interested in photography and learned about composition. I quickly gravitated to design, which became my primary vehicle. 


I founded Kimmell Creative, Inc. with my younger brother, Jamin, when I was 17.  I needed an outlet to able to flex my creative muscle and decided to start, Nomics. Nomics became a part-time design business that carried through my college years by allowing me to work with other snowboard and action sports brands.


Being able to combine my passion for snowboarding and design was a dream come true. I loved the open-minded nature of the projects allowing me to express myself through the designs while still holding true to the company’s needs. From snowboards to goggles, I became a collaboration machine. 


Then comes along the iPhone. The moment I heard about the revolutionary device, I knew I wanted to be involved with it in someway. I founded an app development shop in 2007 called Rage Digital, Inc to do just that. My thought was that the app platform would be an outlet for every brand to extend their product or service to their audience. 


The most recent mobile app user interfaces I’ve designed with Rage Digital include brands like Hyundai, Pepsi, Yokohama, Mitsubishi and MGM Studios. I’ve drafted nearly 200 apps and published about 50+ in 3 different app stores. With the exploding business in the mobile app industry, I look forward to riding the app wave as it grows and evolves.