AdBowl App on New York Times Blog!

Man 2 apps in one week on the New York Yimes! AdBowl was mentioned by Advertising guru, Stuart Elliott.  Here’s the full story.


An Advocacy Ad Elevates Interest in All the Ads

By STUART ELLIOTTPublished: February 4, 2010

VIEWERS look forward to the commercials shown during a Super Bowl because they know the spots will almost always be different from — and better than — the everyday ads they typically deride or ignore. For Super Bowl XLIV on Sunday, the anticipation may be more keen than usual.

“I can’t wait to watch,” said Steve McKee, president at McKee Wallwork Cleveland, an agency in Albuquerque, N.M., that for the 10th year is sponsoring a Web site,, where consumers can vote for their favorite commercials. For 2010, the agency is adding an Adbowl application for the iPhone.

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