S T A R T U P : The iPad Receptionist – Customize Your Visitor Management Experience

From uploading your logo to customizing the layout and colors of your buttons, icons, and check-in slider, The iPad Receptionist was built to enhance your office experience and compliment your brand’s design.  In order to achieve those goals we’ve set out to make the most customizable visitor management system available!

Home Screen

The main home screen for the iPad Receptionist allows for a custom image/logo of your choice.  Some offices would rather have a custom message shown, prompting visitors to check-in, so we’ve allowed you to pick your preference!

Layout & Buttons

The button layout in The iPad Receptionist was designed to fit a variety of options.  The 1-4 button grid layout will dynamically resize to make any configuration look good.  The buttons themselves are fully customizable as well.  The custom background color, icon and button name allow for endless creative ways to connect visitors with the person they’re there to see.

Security & Badge Printing

For many offices, security is not only a concern for it’s employees but also a requirement for business and insurance reasons.  From ITAR U.S. citizen verification to image capture and NDA signing, we continue to add features to help business stay secure.  The iPad Receptionist also allows for custom badge printing with branded badges with full color logo or a more simple black and white version.  This allows your visitors to slap a badge on and identify as a visitor!

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