P R E S S : Mile High Tech – TextUs.Biz Brings Businesses and Customers Together

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A New Way To Do Business

Talking on the phone and leaving voicemails is going the way of the dinosaurs; in 2011 alone, there were over 7 trillion texts sent worldwide.

If businesses don’t adapt to the way consumers are behaving, they’ll be left in the dust. Fast. Luckily, a Boulder start-up is stepping up and allowing businesses and consumers to communicate in the most comfortable manner we have today.


More and more people are living busier and busier lives. We simply don’t have the time or desire to talk on the phone anymore. When we do, valuable clients are being forced to wait or call back and voicemails are inefficient and frustrating. Current communication mediums, especially for busy businesses, make customer service a lost art.

TextUs.Biz provides a service to businesses that enables them to send individual or mass texts to multiple customers at once using their familiar landline number. Starting today, your business can manage up to 12 separate conversations from a single computer, while logging notes and creating auto-responders. TextUs.Biz enables quick, personalized two-way communication in a manner that you know reaches your customer, and in a way that they’re confident that their voice is being heard.

How Does It Help Me?

Anyone who has worked in sales understands the importance of maintaining a continuous, positive relationship with a customer. Alerting individuals about special deals or providing information updates on their particular situation is vital, and with TextUs.Biz, can be done instantly and pain-free. This first-of-it’s-kind business makes life easy on doctors and dentists, restaurants and auto dealers; not to mention anyone doing business with these people. TextUs.Biz gives you a competitive advantage to stand out from the crowd.

Denver/Boulder Business Promotion

TextUs.Biz is trying to spread the word about their start-up, and are giving the Colorado market the first crack at their software. They are offering their ‘Text Friendy’ service to 100 local Denver and Boulder businesses via their website www.TextUs.Biz.

This amazing deal includes three months free service, premium pricing after that with no obligation to continue, a free tutorial, along with free window stickers and business cards to alert customers that you are a text friendly business.


TextUs.Biz offers a new way to do business that customers can really relate to. It’s convenient and affordable, and with a shot at a free trial, it’s a no brainer for businesses owners both big and small. TextUs.Biz is a company with a great deal of promise, and one that will continue to shine positively on the 303 for years to come.