Rage Digital + TDA_Boulder: Webroot Holiday Party Sobriety Test App

Rage Digital and TDA_Boulder have teamed up to develop the Webroot Holiday Party Sobriety Test App for iOS and Android devices.

This app was specifically designed to prevent the loss of clothing, dignity, job, marriage or friends. While you are free to ignore its advice it will test your coordination, comprehension or lack there of and attempt to guide you away from an early or embarrassing end to your evening. It’s just another way Webroot protects you from all possible threats, even yourself.

iTunes Link

Android Market Link

**NOTE: This App is in no way intended to be an actual test of sobriety or any other measure of driving ability. The intent of this product is for entertainment and advertisement purposes only.

Only compatible with iOS 5 devices.

Developed by Rage Digital in conjunction with TDA_Boulder